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        Dr.Liu Feng

        Chief Pharmacist


        Liu Feng,male
        doctoral graduate of Xi’an Jiaotong University,
        Chief Pharmacist, Director of Technical Development & Management Center of Shaanxi Buchang Pharmaceuticals Co.
        Ltd. &" Head of Scientific Research Department, Director of Modern TCM Preparation Engineering Research Center of Shaanxi Province,
        Director of TCM Pharmaceutical Engineering Research Center of Shaanxi Province, and receiving the “Subsidy for Three Types of Talents in Shaanxi Province”.


        Study on Technology of Traditional Chinese Medicine Preparation
        Technical Transformation of Large Varieties of Traditional Chinese Medicine

        Main Academic Honors

        • Tutor of Postgraduates of Shaanxi University of Chinese Medicine
        • Professor of Shaanxi Institute of International Commerce
        • Evaluation Expert of the International S&T Cooperation Program of China of the Ministry of Science and Technology
        • Assistant Director of the Professional Committee of TCM and Natural Medicinal Herbs of Pharmaceutical Society of Shaanxi Province
        • Professional Commissioner of the Pharmacology of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Pharmacology Society of Shaanxi Province
        • Technical Committee of TCM Processing Machinery of the National Technical Committee on Pharmaceutical Equipment Standardization

        Main Achievements

        • Chaired the new drug research for more than 70 projects
        • Chaired 13 government scientific research subjects at all levels, including 5 ones at the national level, 7 ones at the provincial level and one at the municipal level
        • Won 11 awards for scientific and technological achievements
        • Published over 40 academic papers and participated in publication of 4 monographs


        Nan Jingyi

        Associate Professor

        General Manager of Buchang Technology Management Center

        Clinical Research

        Ma Jiutai

        Associate Chief Pharmacist

        Director of Buchang Hi-tech Pharmaceutical R&D Center

        Process Optimization

        Su Yingying

        Associate Chief Pharmacist

        Deputy Director of Buchang Hi-tech Pharmaceutical R&D Center

        Quality Control

        Lu Lu

        Senior Engineer

        Intellectual Property Rights of Buchang PharmaceuticalsMinister

        Patent Research

        Sun Yuhong


        Quality Director of Buchang Hi-tech Pharmaceuticals

        Quality Control

        Chen Yanbin


        Head of Project Department of Buchang Pharmaceuticals

        Technological Project Management